Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos YUGI THE DESTINY

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny - PC Digital Download


Yu-Gi-Oh! - A real Japanese legend has arrived. It was created by Kazuki Takahashi, who in 1996 released a manga about the adventures of boy Yugi (literally - "game"), who decided to reveal the secret of the mysterious ancient Egyptian artifact "Millennium Puzzle". Together with his friends, Yugi participates in card duels in the game "Duel Monsters". It differs from other entertainment in that "summoned" creatures appear directly during the match. Unfortunately, Yugi later realized that Duel Monsters were descendants of the Kingdom of Shadows, which had once nearly destroyed Earth.
Maestro Takahashi had no idea how popular his creation would be. Revenues from the sale of comics, cards and similar products in Japan alone exceeded $ 2 billion, and since 2001, "Yu-Gi-Oh!" Has become famous in America. Cartoons about the adventures of Yugi and his evil colleague Yami ("darkness") are broadcast on several TV channels at once, Mattel floods toy stores and food giant General Mills stamps the faces of the heroes on "quick breakfast" packages. Mania has extended to computer games, so we bring you a windows version of this famous card game.

About this item

  • Stunningly detailed graphics, card artwork, and dueling fields
  • Implements the gameplay and rules of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game
  • Tutorial teaches the basics of summoning, tributes, and more
  • Duel against Yugi to collect cards and build up your collection
  • Card artwork faithfully recreated from the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game

  • DRM FREE. No activation or online connection is required to play the game.
  • Safety and satisfaction, stellar support 24/7 and full refunds up to 7 days.
  • 100% working game or money-back guarantee! If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that you are satisfied.


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