The New Battle For Middle Earth: Shadow And Flame & BFME 1.06 Updated Version - Digital Download

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Works on: Windows (XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11)

A new evil faction, new heroes, spells and units for original factions, new maps, and campaign-compatible. Shadow and Flame is a modern reimagining of BFME1.

What is Shadow and Flame?
Shadow and Flame adds a custom Gundabad faction, overhauls original factions with new mechanics, units, heroes and spells, makes changes to the BFME1 campaign, and improves AI.

What this new version contain?
This new version of Shadow and Flame contain an extensive art overhaul for all factions including Gundabad, as well as campaign fixes, optimization, and a refresher of game mechanics, notably for Gundabad.



  2. LORD OF THE RINGS BATTLE FOR MIDDLE EARTH including all patches.

• You can play BFME1 1.06 version with the latest patches & updates, or you can play the new BFME Shadow And Flame including all the new features added to the game from graphics, units, factions, powers, maps, and much more (Check the game photos & the video trailer of the game for more).

• After years of hard work, our developers team successfully developed a new BFME game which is BFME: Shadow And Flame. We have put a lot of hard work to develop this new BFME Shadow And Flame game for you guys, so make sure to leave us a review about the game after you play it, also you can add a tip on the checkout page as a donation for our developers team for the years of hard work and effort put to make this new BFME game available & playable for you.

• Comes with all the patches and updates.

• Easy to install and play on all modern PC-s!

• Activation link will be sent to your email address immediately and available to download from our store on the checkout page too after you place your order.

• Region free game so it will work worldwide, and it's compatible with all windows versions even Windows 11 & 10.

• Game languages: English, Deutsch (Dutch), Spanish, French, Italian, Netherlands, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish.

• Game is available for immediate use after we process your order.

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