BFME1 HD Edition Updates - 1.09 Official Patch & Shadow And Flame Mod (DLC)

$ 14.99

Update your BFME1 game with all recent updates that we released recently, and add Shadow & Flame to it too. You will get:

1) BFME1 Official Patch 1.09 including all updates.

2) Shadow And Flame Mod added to your game with all updates.

You must have The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth - Digital Download installed on your PC before buying these updates!

Dear BFME Players

After two years of hard work, we are pleased to release the 1.09 Project.

- What’s new on the BFME1:

1.09 in brief :

A patch based on 1.06 with the goal to improve the gameplay by cautiously balancing changes, improving/adding new maps , new features such as visual arts, effects.

Check the YouTube videos above to watch about the General Changes and Top Changes for each Army.

Maps (Not Existing Before)

We got many new/reworked maps for each format but below few that did not exist before in BFME 1:

Udun, Far Harad, The Shire, Nevrast, Rammas Echor, Fields of Edhellond, Adorn River, Pelennor Fields

Models & Effects & Sounds & Musics

Although our priority goal with this patch was to improve the gameplay, we didour best to add some new models and effects.

Many EA unused voices sounds for units and buildings were added.

New Lord of the Rings musics were also added.

Remove all zoom limits on your game, and update it to HD graphics.

- What’s new on the Shadow And Flame:

A new evil faction, new heroes, spells and units for original factions, new maps, and campaign-compatible. Shadow and Flame is a modern reimagining of BFME1.

What is Shadow and Flame?
Shadow and Flame adds a custom Gundabad faction, overhauls original factions with new mechanics, units, heroes and spells, makes changes to the BFME1 campaign, and improves AI.

What this new version contain?
This new version of Shadow and Flame contain an extensive art overhaul for all factions including Gundabad, as well as campaign fixes, optimization, and a refresher of game mechanics, notably for Gundabad.

- Download our PDF file by clicking on "BFME1 1.09 UPDATES" down below to see all the updates we added to BFME1:


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