What payment methods do you accept?

We currently support the following payment methods: credit cards, real-time online banking, wallet, and PayPal. (Read down below, if you want to buy from us using PayPal).

To process your order via PayPal, you need to DM us here, or you can use the messenger button on the right corner in our BOG store to live chat with our team, so they can help you process your order via PayPal.

Here is what you need to send us, so we can process your order via PayPal:

  • Your PayPal email address, and your full name.
  • The games you want to order from us.

After you send us this information, we can process your order via PayPal manually by sending you an invoice to your PayPal account to pay us, as we don't support and don't work with PayPal directly in BOG.

After we send you the invoice via PayPal and you pay us, you will receive all the games you order from us to your email, so you can access them on our BOG online store platform.

All our prices are in USD, and - where applicable - in AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, NOK, PLN, RUB, and SEK as well.

I've received a payment processing error. What now?

If you've received a payment processing error (20004: error-codes-terminal-type-5-code-20004) don't worry, you won't be billed. It means you entered a wrong card details. You can try entering your payment details again and re-clicking the “Pay now” button. Just please double-check your security code and card expiration date before clicking “Pay now”. (Refresh the page before you do or try new browser with your card or use a different card if you have, in case it continues to happen - Recommended)

If the problem happens again, contact our Support team via the "Messenger button" on the right corner by clicking on it and start live chatting with one of our support team members. Please include as much information as possible, including steps that you've taken so far and any errors received, but DO NOT include your card number or security code!

What are bonus and gift codes? How do I redeem them?

Bonus codes are special "coupons" that can be exchanged for either one, or many free items - depending on the code. They are typically provided via contests or promotional emails, so stay tuned, visit BOG often and maybe you'll score a code or two ;).

Gift codes are codes that have been purchased by somebody on BOG and contain one or multiple games. These codes can be given to other people for them to add the game(s) to their own accounts.

My bonus code doesn't work. Help!

First, please double-check if you've entered the bonus code correctly – try to copy and paste it directly into the browser. Also, most codes can be redeemed only once and only for a given time before they expire. If the code has been redeemed earlier or has expired, you will receive an appropriate error message. Last but not least, keep in mind that once the code has been used, you cannot “reactivate” it, even if you cancel the order in question.

Still, if you have no idea why you cannot redeem your code, contact our Support team via the "Messenger button" on the right corner. Please include as much information as possible, including the code that you're trying to redeem, where you got the code from and the contents of the error message.

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