What is the BOG Wallet?

BOG offers users a digital account balance called the "BOG Wallet" in connection with your user account, which you can use to make purchases of BOG content.


How can I add money to BOG Wallet?

BOG Wallet top-ups are separated from regular purchases. You can top-up your BOG Wallet using payment methods accepted by BOG by going into the "Wallet" section, after logging in. You can also check your current BOG Wallet balance and history there. We may also add funds to your BOG Wallet as part of our Voluntary Refund Policy (also see our User Agreement).

What are the rules of using BOG Wallet?

(i) The maximum BOG Wallet balance is $500 (five hundred US Dollars) and the maximum daily ‘turnover’ (meaning the sum of top-ups and wallet usage together within 24 hours) is $1000 (one thousand US Dollars), or their equivalent in the applicable currency.

(ii) BOG reserves the right to change or add BOG Wallet rules from time to time if necessary to protect it and keep it updated.

(iii) When making gift purchases, the same limitations apply as when using some other payment sources. You should check the Gift Codes section for details.

(iv) The BOG Wallet and its funds do not constitute electronic money of any kind and are non-transferable and non-exchangeable under any circumstances. This applies to your BOG Wallet and any funds at all times, including (but not limited to) at any suspension or termination of your account (although if that takes place as a result you not agreeing to any notified change to our policies, then you have the right to appeal to us at our reasonable discretion).

(v) BOG Wallet and its funds do not constitute personal property, have no value outside BOG services and can only be used to purchase Best Old Games content via Best Old Games services. BOG Wallet and its funds have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash. BOG Wallet funds that are considered legally to be unclaimed property may be turned over to the applicable authority.

(vi) BOG Wallet or its funds cannot be gifted, sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of, but you can use your BOG Wallet to purchase gift copies of BOG games for other BOG users.
(vii) BOG Wallet funds are used based on a ‘first in first out’ rule, meaning that the oldest funds will be used first for your purchases.


What currency is available for BOG Wallet?

BOG Wallet is available in all currencies available to you after login depending on your current location. However, for legal reasons, we cannot mix two currencies in one purchase. So, if you top-up your BOG Wallet in USD, you'll have a wallet balance in BOG and, for purchases made in your local currency, you’ll have a separate BOG Wallet balance in the local currency.

Please keep in mind that funds cannot be transferred from one wallet balance to another (which also means from one currency to another).


Can I combine BOG Wallet with another payment method?

Yes, if the funds in your BOG Wallet are insufficient to purchase what you want, you can complete the payment with one of our other payment methods, using the same currency as your BOG Wallet balance.


Do BOG Wallet have an expiration date?

BOG Wallet funds have no expiry date.

Are BOG Wallet funds themselves refundable?

You may request a refund for BOG Wallet funds within 7(seven) days of purchase if they were purchased on BOG and if you have not used any of those funds, in effect from December 24th, 2020. We think it's fair that this policy applies only to unused BOG Wallet funds purchased by you using real money.
This refund policy will be subject to a fair use policy: as long as you use it reasonably, you should be fine. However, if we believe that you are acting unreasonably or are abusing the program, then we reserve the right to refuse to grant you further refunds.
Technical limitations may apply to some payment methods, namely pre-paid cards where we may not be able to provide you with BOG Wallet refunds.

I added funds to my BOG Wallet but they have not appeared, what do I do?

As soon as you complete the checkout process the new funds will automatically be displayed in your account in the "BOG Wallet" section.
If you never reached the payment success screen after making the transaction, nor have you received an order confirmation e-mail, and you're sure that the payment went through, please contact Support. It's possible that there was some problem with the payment, and we need to process the order manually.

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